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What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are a computer program with a user interface that impersonates human conversations in its natural format. Think of it as robot chat by the way of mimicking human interactions.


Purpose of Chatbots

Customer Service

Chatbots allow you to be 24/7 available for your consumers, regardless of location and time zones. Chatbots answer common FAQs, displaying offers, or even receiving complaints.

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Chatbots are thought of as virtual assistants within the customer service or sales departments. They are an entity that builds and generates customer awareness. In essence, they serve as a simpler alternative for online contests, lotteries, and customer loyalty programs, all of which necessitate direct human interaction, which is not the case for chatbots.

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One of the main purposes of implementing chatbots is selling your business’ products and/or services online since they are available around the clock.

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Chatbot Integration

Facebook Messenger

Due to its massive user base, Facebook Messenger allows you to target a wider audience. The platform can be transformed into a chatbot that communicates on behalf of your business. Learn the different ways Facebook Messenger helps your business.


Chatbot development for your business’ website goes a long way towards optimizing the User Experience (UX). Chatbot website integration can be extremely helpful in engaging and delighting users by addressing their needs spontaneously.


WhatsApp Business has enabled companies around the world to provide real-time support by answering questions to solve issues about products and services. In the words of Facebook founder and WhatsApp CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “You should message a business just the way you should message a friend.”


Chatbot Industries


Chatbot integration into an e-commerce store is crucial. The future of E-commerce will revolve around brands having their own ai bot which can interact with customers through their apps on a cross-platform basis. Therefore, chatbot website integration is nowadays a given.


Chatbots for Healthcare can come in handy. A digital personal assistant in the form of an AI bot could help physicians, nurses, patients and their families. Chatbot development and implementation enables a better organization of patient pathways, medication management, and provide help in emergency situations.


Chatbots for HR provides a personalized employee experience for work, AND automate tedious administrative tasks for HR departments. Chatbots also offer a more scalable solution than human interaction in handling daily queries such as interview statuses, appraisal status, leave requests, payroll details and more.


Chatbots for Insurance companies offer a huge opportunity for innovation. Chatbots can provide quotes and are available 24/7 to customers. As far as internal company policies are concerned, Chatbots can help insurance companies process new claims on a far larger scale.

Chatbot Benefits​

Chatbot development and implementation has become an integral part of the global business ecosystem. They offer a new and enhanced way for businesses to communicate with the world.

24-Hour Availability

Online Chatbots maintain a 24/7 response system which brings continuous communication and engagement between your business and the customer. Customer queries can thus be handled regardless of the geographical locations and the possibility of addressing them through multiple time zones.

Chatbots can offer Instant answers to multiple Customer queries

As part of the interaction process, AI bots can be programmed to give automated answers to repetitive questions, or forward the request to a real when a more complicated action is needed. This enables customer service representatives to save time and assist more important cases rather than simple tasks that are time-consuming. All in all, scalable Chatbots have the ability to answer thousands of questions at the same time. Due to the increased speed of cloud computing and the Internet, responses can be provided instantly via Messenger bots.

Consistent Robot Chat

When a consumer talks to a human customer service representative, he has no guarantees that other representatives will be providing the same answers on a consistent basis. Chatbot development solves that problem. For example, many text-based chatbots contain answers to FAQs. 

Chatbots can Record Answers

Whilst a consumer talks to a customer service rep, the former cannot obtain a record of the conversation. With the emergence of AI bots, it is no longer the case and is beneficial for both the customers and the Chatbot Development Process as a whole. Customers can obtain a record of the conversation or take a screenshot of it if the Chatbot is in a text-based format. As far as the bot is concerned, your business can collect data by recording the conversations. If the AI bot is developed using NLP, those conversations are integrated with the Bot and thus the program is trained to better recognize the context of future queries in their different forms, thus offering a more optimized and more personalized interaction with Clients and Prospects and Customer Service Representatives. The latter have little-to-no time to prepare for phone calls and may have a hard time to understand the context of queries during said phone calls.


Chatbots constitute a Cost-Effective Business Solution

Chatbot Development is a cheaper and faster option than creating a comprehensive cross-platform application or hiring employees that perform a specific task each. Hiring sales agents or customer service representatives for your business is a considerable expense in terms of providing support to the customers for basic and trivial queries. Implementing a digital assistant can help businesses save up to 30%. By 2024, Chatbots are also predicted to deal with 90% of all client inquiries, thereby cutting business costs by up to $8 billion.