Chatbots are changing the way brands interact with their customers. They are indeed revolutionizing the landscape of customer experience. Chatbots have indeed enabled businesses to better support their customers’ needs at both a higher volume and at many touchpoints.

With businesses increasingly adopting chatbots for customer service, consumers are also willing to be helped by digital assistants. According to a report by Accenture, 50% of consumers do not care if they are dealing with humans or virtual assistants.

By using customer support chatbots, your business can optimize the customer experience by meeting their expectations on a consistent basis. Needless to say, when brands offer real time engagement, there is an increase in customer satisfaction. To summarize, deploying chatbots for customer service will deliver a superior and a more personalized experience.

But before outlining the benefits of chatbots in customer service, we must define what chatbots are.

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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a program that allows your business to interact with customers via a chat interface. Chatbots are essentially digital assistants that understand human capabilities, and simulate human conversations by interpreting and processing user requests to give quick and relevant answers to their queries.

Both voice and text-based chatbots can be deployed across websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

Benefits of Chatbots for Customer Service

There are a myriad of reasons why chatbots have become an integral part of customer service. Here are some of the main advantages of using chatbots for customer service, thus increasing customer loyalty for your business and cementing its brand identity.

Chatbots Deliver Immediate Customer Care

According to a survey by Retail Executive, businesses can lose 75% of their customer base due to long waiting times.

In the Digital Age, the average human attention span has drastically decreased. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, humans generally lose concentration after approximately eight seconds.

This highlights the negative effects of an increasingly digitized lifestyle. Consumers are less patient and expect instant responses to their queries.

The best customer service chatbots provide real time support assistance. They can, or rather should, be used as the first point of contact to reduce customer frustration.

Chatbots for customer support can deliver instant care by providing tutorials, or listing out answers for FAQs. In other words, Chatbots for customer service must be able to anticipate customer needs and deliver relevant answers.

Your business will undoubtedly receive repetitive queries on a daily basis. Implementing a chatbot will provide instant support without making customers wait. Assuming complex queries cannot be answered by customer support chatbots, they have the ability to instantly redirect consumers to a human assistance, which leaves customers with a good impression on your business’ response time, alongside the level of interaction via customer care chatbots.

As a result, customer satisfaction is ensured and wait time is significantly reduced.

Chatbots Provide Around-the-Clock Customer Support

Many consumers expect a 24/7 customer service from retailers, online or otherwise. As previously outlined, customers demand immediate responses, and this cannot be achieved via traditional, redundant mediums such as direct phone calls, or IVRs.

Providing quick responses and fixing problems constitute the X-factor in terms of guaranteeing customer retention. Availability on a 24/7 basis will obviously increase the resolution speed of problems.

Herein lies the importance of chatbots for customer service. They have the ability to deliver superior customer support around the clock.

The best customer service chatbots provide quick responses, during working hours AND after hours, when the human support team is most likely unavailable.

The ability of chatbots to engage with consumers at their preferred time will further prompt them to gravitate towards your business’ brand.

Chatbots enable customer service representatives to become more productive in the workplace, by focusing on the more complex and critical aspects related to customer service.

Chatbots for Customer Service Reduce Costs

Chatbots are considered to be an essential digital solution in terms of your business optimizing costs without compromising the quality of the customer experience. 

Chatbots effectively reduce operational and staffing costs.

Adding more customer support representatives require extra expenses in terms of salaries, customer service training and capital expenditures. These costs are an onerous proposition and thus cannot be overlooked. By deploying chatbots for customer service, your business can handle a multitude of conversations at the same time, and around the clock.

This makes customer support chatbots an feasible solution in terms of dealing with an increased volume of customer requests and queries, while maintaining cost control, and as a consequence, streamline the entire customer experience process.

Chatbots for Customer Service Improve Scalability

One of the main priorities of a customer-centric business must seamlessly scale the level of customer support. Your business should expect a hike in traffic at particular moments during the fiscal year, such as festive seasons or peak work hours.

Regarding peak hours, your business may encounter challenges such as recruiting more customer service reps, and/or providing more training. Deploying customer service chatbots provides your business with the opportunity to both scale and overcome possible challenges all at once.

AI customer service chatbots enable scaling when they are required to handle multiple conversations, by providing real-time assistance.With chatbots for customer service, you can improve your company by increasing productivity in the workplace, managing resources more efficiently, and driving business growth with little-to-no additional expenses.

Scalability with chatbots does not imply completely discarding human customer support. Your business can balance scalability with BOTH chatbots and human engagement. For example, simple queries are managed by the chatbot, certain complex queries are handed over to customer service representatives.

Chatbots are not a trend that will be popular for a limited period of time and then just disappear from the customer support landscape. They are here to stay, and the best customer service chatbots have become an inextricable part of the entire customer experience process.

Chatbots will help your business achieve the desired objectives and boost customer satisfaction.

We, at aChatbotAgency, are ready to help you build and deploy a chatbot that is specifically catered to your needs.