There is an ever-increasing interest in chatbots over the past few years because of their ability to take on time-consuming business tasks and automating them: Their use is prominently seen in many industries, including but not limited to:

According to an article by Forbes, the chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025.  In the Digital Era, consumers believe that the customer experience provided by companies is as important as the viability of the products and services that they are selling.  

And this is where chatbots come into play. They are providing ways for businesses to reach out to their audience via two key mediums: messaging apps, that have soared in popularity throughout the last decade, and the rise of technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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What are Chatbots?

Chatbot is basically an AI-based program that simulates human interactions and conducts conversations with customers via text and/or voice, and is also programmed to execute a particular set of tasks. At the turn of the previous decade, businesses sought to harness the power of social media platforms and their increasing popularity. Companies started establishing Facebook pages, accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and channels on YouTube. It is widely predicted that the 2020s will be remembered as the decade of the chatbot. Businesses are expected to move towards marketing automation and implement chatbots to interact with customers to expand their reach and increase brand awareness. By 2022, chatbots are expected to reduce business costs by $8 billion. They also offer a customer experience that is accessible to them on a 24/7 basis. They also handle large customer queries, especially in terms of giving answers to repetitive, rudimentary questions. Last but not least, they harness the power of AI and Machine Learning to predict what customers will need or want to buy based on past purchasing decisions. Social media platforms understood the importance of integrating messaging chatbot apps that enable businesses to interact with both their prospects and existing customers. One of the most popular messaging apps is undoubtedly Facebook Messenger. As a whole, chatbots for Facebook Messenger are growing exponentially.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service that has been rolled out by Facebook in August 2011. It can be used for both one-on-one and group messaging. It also supports audio and video calls from both the mobile app, the desktop Messenger website and the Facebook website itself. Facebook Messenger also enables users to send money via credit card information

The numbers speak for themselves:

All in all, chatbots for Facebook Messenger are one of the most powerful tools available to business marketers today.  Chatbots for Facebook Messenger are increasingly being used as a conversational channel for reaching individuals with targeted messages at a massive scale. 


What are the Benefits of Using Chatbots for Facebook Messenger

There are several benefits when it comes to implementing a Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Business:

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Reach a Wider Audience Substantially Increase Open Rates

Implementing a Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Business holds a very important tactical advantage. It has the ability to reach a wider audience than a standard Email Marketing Strategy, even ones that target specific leads. An efficient, competitive Email Marketing Strategy can expect to achieve open rates that range from 15 to approximately 35%. In essence, your business may send 1000 emails to get engagement, at best, about 350 users.  With a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, open rates skyrocket to more than 80%. Due to the interactive nature of Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Strategy, the large majority of opened messages are engaged with.


Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Build Brand Awareness


Facebook Messenger Chatbots offer a more personalized interaction with customers. Your business can integrate a Facebook Messenger Chatbot on the official website. After integration, your business can opt to personalize how a user views and interacts with the Facebook chatbot via embedded messenger buttons, messenger codes, buttons, or links, which can be clicked to initiate a conversation. Brands have no choice but to be open to receiving communication, since according to Facebook, 53% of people are more likely to buy from a business they can message. Last but not least, in terms of Facebook Chatbot Marketing, configuring the bot to greet users with a greeting message about your business, or promoting a link to an event or a promotion, turn the Facebook bot into a powerful tool to increase brand awareness.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Provide a Seamless Automation of FAQs

A good Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing strategy involves building a conversational bot that displays FAQs. This enables your business to better inform the customer about your brand image, brand identity, your products and service and any other common inquiry that the customer may have. As a result, Facebook messenger chatbot marketing removes the first barrier of a purchasing decision through addressing the lack of knowledge and providing all the relevant information to customers.


Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Improve Scaling of the Customer Experience


Facebook Chatbot Marketing enables your business to better scale customer service. Facebook bot marketing allows customers to get answers to basic queries 24/7 without any wait time and without the need for any human contact that may or may not be available. And in case a question is too complicated for the Facebook Messenger Chatbot to adequately respond to, it can redirect the customer to a human operator and the latter will address their concern.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Enable Better Access to User Information

Additionally, in terms of handling automated inquiries, Facebook chatbots your business is given access to user identity, contact information and their profile photo. Through Facebook’s user agreement, this feature is only available with Facebook Messenger and not with other independent forms of chatbots.


Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Optimize the Lead Generation Process


Once user information is stored in your business’ Facebook Messenger archive, it can then be used to send customers push notifications. With every new customer the Facebook Messenger bot chats with, your business generates a new lead that can be leveraged for future advertising, hence the importance of Facebook bot marketing.

All in all, AI-powered chatbots are becoming the new norm for businesses that want to compete in the Digital Age. Chatbots are reshaping the dynamics of how businesses interact with customers and vice-versa, and how people interact online as a whole.

More particularly, Chatbots for Facebook Messenger will undoubtedly be one of the highest growth marketing channels during the 2020s. According to Forbes, there are more than 300,000 active Chatbots on Facebook Messengers.

In terms of implementing a facebook messenger chatbot marketing strategy, the possibilities are abundant: a facebook messenger chatbot on a website, a chatbot on your business’ personal facebook page, etc.

They are changing the game for businesses and marketers alike, since they allow the latter to deliver immersive, interactive and intuitive experience, and are fast becoming the way forward across all industries.

Long story short, Facebook bot marketing has become an essential component of a comprehensive marketing strategy overall.

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