In the past few years, Chatbots have significantly evolved and are now increasingly adopted across multiple industries.

Technological progress has enabled them to become extremely sophisticated and versatile tools.

Companies are now harnessing their power to optimize their marketing campaigns, since chatbots can help push customers further down the marketing funnel. Long story short, using chatbots for marketing is pretty much a given in the Digital Age.

Before outlining how chatbot marketing can fit into your business’ overall marketing strategy, it is important to know what are chatbots, and what are the types of chatbots that can be used in terms of implementing a comprehensive chatbot marketing campaign.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are computer-generated programs that initiate conversations with consumers and engage with them.

Chatbots can be programmed to either respond the same way each time, or to respond differently to messages. They can also leverage chatting mediums like SMS text, website chat windows.

Chatbots can also be integrated with social messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, to receive and respond to messages.

What are the Types of Chatbots?

Chatbots come in different forms. To think that all chatbots are similar in their workflow and their implementation process would be a mistake. Bot marketing can take different forms, based on your business’ budget and needs.

Here are some of the types of bots available in the market:

AI-powered Chatbots

These chatbots are based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI can be defined as the simulation of human intelligence. It focuses on creating intelligent machines that work and think like human beings.  Using AI-powered chatbots for bot marketing can solve complex user problems based on previous conversations.

They can remember the context of the dialogue and the users’ preferences. These chatbots can jump from one point of a conversation scenario to another based on previous user input, and address their requests accordingly.

A common example of chatbots that use AI is to pick and capture keywords in the user’s query. By identifying and processing these keywords, the bot answers the customers’ query.

Your business’ chatbot marketing campaign can deploy AI-powered chatbots that also harness the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is the ability of the bot to understand and analyze human speech, find the right response, and reply in a way that is understandable for a human language. The main objective of NLP is to further humanize the interaction between bots and humans.

NLP involves 2 processes:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Using these chatbots for marketing optimizes your business’ efforts to cement its brand identity, and enhances the user experience.

How Can Chatbot Marketing Optimize Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

Chatbot Marketing has brought the introduction of a communication medium that is set to completely shape the marketing landscape.

Here is how chatbot marketing can positively impact your business:

Chatbot Marketing Optimizes the Curation of Customer Data

A chatbot marketing campaign involves the collection of customer data. Information about customers’ interests, requests, and purchasing history become a valuable source for data analysis via chatbots.

Your business has the opportunity to obtain more detailed information about customer behavior. As a result, it has the ability to make more accurate predictions about preferences, purchasing habits, and customer interests.

Consequently, chatbot marketing can help your business compare sales results with greater efficiency. So chatbots are digital assistants that can also assist in setting up better-targeted marketing campaigns.

Chatbot Marketing Move Customers Further Through the Buyer’s Journey

Lead nurturing is an essential component of every company’s marketing strategy. At the same time, it is a very time-consuming process.

As previously mentioned, a chatbot marketing campaign allows your business to gather the data needed to create targeted and personalized messages, which helps guide prospects through their buyer’s journey.

Your business can gather data via chatbots, conduct split testing on personalized messages. This optimizes the chatbot marketing campaign, since your marketing efforts are tailored to each and every lead that visits your website or social media profiles.

Chatbot Marketing Enhances Customer Interaction on Mobile Devices

The emergence of smartphones has pushed customers to further rely on them instead of desktop computers.

As more consumers purchase items via their mobile devices, chatbots provide a great opportunity to turn into search engines for specific queries.

Chatbots can operate by collecting search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., through mobile devices. They can select your business’ website.

Through chatbots, a mobile version of your business’ website can potentially increase traffic to the website. 

Chatbots are thus seen as viable customer interaction tools with increased speed and effectiveness.

Chatbot Marketing Addresses Every Possible FAQ

No matter what your business is and which market segment it operates in, there is a set of questions that will be addressed by users at all times.

Instead of directing your human customer service representatives to waste their energy on answering those rudimentary questions, a chatbot can do the “dirty work”. 

It is a surefire win-win situation: Your customers get the answers they are looking for, and the employees dedicate their times to address more complex issues

Using chatbots for marketing is steadily reshaping the marketing landscape. Your business will undoubtedly benefit from a chatbot marketing campaign, since they have the ability to reach out to consumers in ways that were impossible barely a few years ago.

Chatbot Marketing enables your company to forge a credible brand identity, to have a bigger ROI, and to experience continuous business growth.

We, at aChatbotAgency, are here to help you create a top-notch chatbot marketing campaign uniquely designed for your business and its marketing requirements.