ustomers purchase products after they initially become aware of your business’ existence, demonstrate an interest in it, evaluate their options, and then make a purchasing decision.  

This is known as the sales funnel, or in other words, the buying process that your business leads customers through on the way to the purchasing decision.

Without guiding the prospects through that funnel, there is little to no chance that an actual sale occurs, barring the use of outbound techniques, which are increasingly discarded by marketers in the Digital Age.

The Digital world is drastically changing how sales are conducted. Chatbots in particular, have emerged as a very effective sales channels for companies of all sizes. In other words, chatbots have become a new frontier of sales technology.

Before outlining the purposes of deploying a sales chatbot, let’s define what chatbots actually are.

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What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are virtual assistants that communicate with human users over a conversational interface, such as a website, social networking services, or messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

Chatbots can be regarded as instant messaging platforms, except that on the other side of the conversation, there is an AI sales bot. Chatbots are increasingly seen as a cost-effective option that yields positive results for SMEs and big corporations alike.

What are the Purposes of Using Chatbots for Sale?

Sales Chatbots are capable of carrying out a myriad of activities, such as gathering data, resolving high-volume customer queries, engaging and building rapport with customers. 

When it comes to driving sales and increasing revenues, sales chatbots can prove to be an extremely valuable addition to your business’ sales force.

Sales chatbots are programmed to perfectly understand every detail of all the products and services and are able to clearly outline and explain their use to your business’ prospects and existing customers.

Here are a few key benefits explained in details:

Sales Chatbots Can Give Personalized Welcome Messages and Engage with Customers

A proactive sales chatbot can help break the ice with a personalized message, making it easier for the consumers to engage with the bot, and by extension, your business’ brand.

Whether the user is a prospect or an established customer, the sales chatbot can write multiple messages and scripts tailored to their experience and their status as new visitors or returning customers.

Here are 2 examples:

  • New Customers: “Hello there, welcome! If you have any questions and need a quick answer, feel free to hit me up! Click on one of the options below to get started.”
  • Returning Customers: “Welcome back, (customer name)! Interested in checking out our newest products? There are a few things I think you will like: (Product/Service URL)”

Long story short, sales chatbots increase engagement with users and help your business appear more available and more approachable, and contribute in building a strong brand identity.

Sales Chatbots can Communicate in Multiple Languages

For businesses and corporations who have a global reach, the standard business language used is obviously the English language. Your business expects customers across the globe to converse and communicate using the English language.

Imagine, however, how much more comfortable customers feel if they knew they could contact and engage with your business using their native language.

Sales chatbots make that possible. They enable your business to offer multilingual chat integrations that allow you to respond in your customers’ languages in real time.

According to a study by CSA Research, 74% of consumers are more likely to become returning customers and make a second purchase if post-sales support was offered in their native language.

As a result, a multilingual sales chatbot can increase your business’ revenues and profit margins.

Your company’s sales personnel must have an extensive knowledge of receptive markets in which it can operate in, and customer insights, to better enable business growth and gain a competitive advantage.

But a comprehensive market research and a thorough analysis of customer perspectives are a time-consuming and expensive proposition.

This is where sales bots come into play and simplify the process for your sales team. Every chat log fetches valuable data about an individual customer’s interests, the queries they had, their pain points, purchasing decisions etc.

When this data is at your sales team’s disposal, they have a better view of a lead’s desires, dilemmas, problems.

Thus, sales chatbots can seamlessly assist your business’ human workforce to acquire more qualified leads, and close more sales as well.


Sales Chatbots Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

Adding items to an online cart and then closing the page is a common sight. Customers are most likely to abandon their shopping cart for many reasons, such as seeing unexpected shipping costs, or other purchase-related fears.

Through conversations with customers, sales bots offer a range of solutions that can dispel their fears. Sales Chatbots can push out comprehensive, convincing product info or even a special deal on the product and services through personalized messages.

AI sales bot can also suggest alternative payment options if a cart is abandoned due to payment failures.

Sales chatbots can thus boost sales by cutting down the number of cart abandonments.

Chatbots are an essential component of your business’ sales team. A sales chatbot is a cost and time-effective solution that improves productivity in the workplace, optimizes business operations and exponentially boosts sales and revenues.

There is a common misconception that AI sales bots will completely eliminate the need for human presence in the sales process. Chatbots, however, provide assistance to the sales team. They are not here to completely replace it.

Through the aforementioned benefits of sales chatbots, your business’ sales personnel will have time to focus on more complex and challenging tasks.