In recent years, there have been a plethora of companies across the globe who integrated the use of chatbots for their business, particularly HR bots. Truth be told, it is essential to have an HR department that manages a wide variety of responsibilities, such as employee wellbeing training. HR is frequently engaged in numerous tasks, […]

Table of Contents The future is already here. Conversational UX interfaces play a huge role in corporate strategy because they have started building a substantial impact on business. Integrating conversational UX for your company webpage has become a business growth influence that all significant corporations are deploying. Chatbot UI design has become considerably more advanced […]

We live in a world where interwoven artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational programming are changing the way we perceive things. Chatbots use natural language processing and machine learning technology to convert complex interactions into simple conversations. Table of Contents What is a Chatbot? A chatbot is a software, powered by artificial intelligence, where humans […]

Table of Contents Chatbots have been around for decades now. They have been evolving rapidly. A decent amount of businesses have been failing at it, especially that in the 80’s they lacked the tools and technology that we, fortunately, have now. Years later, implementing chatbots into our realm has brought us to the dawn of […]

Table of Contents Chatbots interact through instantaneous messaging, artificially replicating the patterns of human communication. Short for a chat robot, a chatbot is simply a computer program that spurs human-like conversations. Fundamentally, a chatbot authorizes a kind of personalized interaction between a human and a machine. This interplay happens via messages or voice. The bot […]

Table of Contents We have already outlined the numerous benefits of chatbots when they are implemented by businesses across multiple industries, including ecommerce, healthcare, human resources,  and insurance. Chatbots once were a niche technological concept unknown by many, and are now slowly becoming a necessity for mainstream businesses. With the help of features such as […]

One of your business’ main objectives is to diversify the conversational channels with the target audience so you will not have to solely rely on your website and social media platforms. It has already been established that one of the most effective ways to do so is to build and implement chatbots. While it is […]

It’s now a foregone conclusion that high-quality chatbots help businesses improve the customer experience, boost the volume of sales of products and services, and can increase a company’s reach. They can either be coded from scratch or can be built using bot-building platforms. Perhaps the two most popular platforms today are ManyChat and Chatfuel. Businesses […]

Chatbot development is not a recent affair. Quite the contrary. Chatbots have been around for the better part of five decades. However, Chatbot development has received mainstream recognition all across the business world only during the 2010s.  Responsible businesses constantly strive to evolve and adapt to newer market trends in order sustain their growth. LetsMarket.it, […]

Chatbot is nowadays, the new buzzword. Chatbots are being touted as game-changers as far as marketing is concerned. Several analysts are adamant that they are about to disrupt not only the industry marketing, but several others at their very core.  At this point you’re probably asking yourself the following questions: What is a chatbot? What […]